5 Books for Ad Students

By: Nicole Toloczko, ,Alexandria Baker, ,and Geno Schellenberger

While out of class, many students in advertising focus on networking and grabbing the best internship opportunities. However, there are many educational podcasts, books, and articles that help students learn about the ins and outs of advertising. In this list, B&E has compiled 5 books that were recommended by guests in previous episodes.

Hey Whipple, Squeeze This

Hey Whipple, Squeeze This is a practical guidebook on breaking into the advertising world. Luke Sullivan provides insights about topics like creating portfolios and getting into the creative zone while also detailing many of his own experiences with clients. This book is both informative and entertaining and would be a great start for anyone interested in the advertising industry.

This book was recommended by B&E guests Dan Balser, Peter Sheldon, and Mickey Citarella.

Ogilvy on Advertising

Written by David Ogilvy, the “Father of Advertising”, Ogilvy on Advertising offers practical tips for those seeking to work in the advertising field and create influential ads. In the book, Ogilvy gives practical advice about topics such as: producing successful ads, the importance of researching your client and product, getting advertising jobs, and finding clients. This book provides great insights into key advertising principles.

This book was recommended by B&E guest Audrey Nussbaum.

The Advertising Concept Book

This book focuses on the initial stages of advertising: creating good concepts. Written as a guide for students and professionals, this book includes interactive sketches to highlight the creative process. After reading this book, you will understand that good ideas last forever. 

This book was recommended by B&E guest Peter Sheldon.

Truth, Lies, and Advertising: The Art of Account Planning

Truth, Lies, and Advertising: The Art of Account Planning describes account planning and the importance of writing briefs that motivate and inspire creative thinking. The book is meant to make your next big idea more effective for agencies and clients.

This book was recommended by B&E guests Audrey Nussbaum, Mickey Citarella, and Julian Cole.

Junior: Writing Your Way Ahead In Advertising

Written by someone who is newer in the field, Thomas Kemeny writes about his errors and shortcomings. The book describes Kemeny’s career path in advertising by focusing on “how he got in, how he's stayed in, and how you can do it too.”This book was recommended by B&E guests Funmi Adejobi, Jesse Alkire, Heather Vanisko, and Allison Farrell.